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Veiled woman Galaxies







A Somalian woman was recently shot dead by an ‘Islamic’ extremist for refusing to wear a veil.

Allah created the universe we are told, a universe that is unimaginably large, a universe that contains more stars than there are grains of sand on every beach on planet Earth.

And most of these stars have orbiting planets, which means there are untold trillions of planets hosting life, which means there are – at the very least – untold millions of planets hosting sentient (self-aware) life.

Yet on our tiny speck of whirling dust, orbiting an obscure star in a remote corner of the vastness, we are supposed to believe that Allah is so disturbed and angry about this most trivial of doings – a woman not wearing a veil in public – that he sanctions death for the ‘offender’.

In reality, of course, yet another thuggish male, drunk on the power of his gun and brain-washed into believing his right to bully, intimidate and control the female of the species, has murdered a woman in cold blood for refusing his command.

All in the name of ‘god’ of course.

Such ‘Muslims’ wouldn’t know Allah even if he walked up and kicked them on their arse. They can’t see beyond the end of their gun barrel.

So it’s no surprise that they can’t see the hundred sextillion stars.

Comments on: "A hundred sextillion stars … and veils on a single speck of dust" (1)

  1. Julie said:

    Wow, thats powerful, thankyou for telling it


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