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Emotional & Psychological Illness

Mental Illness

For the moment let’s forget those who are clinically-defined as depressed, or suffer from frequent panic or anxiety attacks, or have hallucinations. Let’s talk instead about the people – predominantly men, sad to say – who are emotionally and psychologically ill in a very different and perhaps even more severe way.

These are the folk who’ve come to believe that committing murder is doing ‘God’s work’, who’ve gone way beyond being merely emotionally ill, to instead become emotionally dead … dead enough to put someone in a cage and then burn them alive.

I’m talking, of course, about the supporters, members and fellow-travellers of the death-cult known as ‘Islamic State’, who evidently believe that the purpose of living is to kill as many people as possible and to enslave and/or rape the rest, children included. And I’m talking about the emotional and psychological illness that leads such people to believe that, in return for committing or supporting such heinous crimes, ‘God’ will be bestow eternal blessings upon them in Paradise.

It’s no accident that such men come from a patriarchal, even misogynist culture which marginalises and oppresses women … because by such oppression it destroys the socialising and emotionally educative effects that women otherwise tend to have on men and thereby sows the seeds of its own severe psychological and emotional illness.

Life thus becomes an abstraction for such men and they drift into a world of delusions and emotional sickness, separated from many normal human feelings … just as they segregate women, whom they see largely as abstracted objects, mere possessions. They come to believe in the abstract teachings of other psychologically and emotionally ill men who tell them that an abstract ‘God’ offers an abstract Paradise, separated away from this world, as reward for denying all feelings of empathy with other human beings.

And of course, in common with many forms of emotional and psychological illness, their sense of logic and reason shrinks away. So they ignore all the deep contradictions inherent in their delusional and irrational beliefs. For example, Allah, despite being supposedly all-powerful, still evidently needs them, feeble humans, to kill on his behalf. And Allah, despite again being supposedly all-powerful (and all-knowing), still evidently decided in the first place to create the non-Muslims – and the ‘heretical’ Muslims – that he now apparently relies on Islamic State members to kill.

Yet more. Despite Allah supposedly being all-knowing, such men are not content to let judgement take place in the hereafter as to what is (or is not) ‘blasphemy’ or ‘heresy’, but instead prefer to take judgment into their own hands through kangaroo courts and swift sentences of death.

A death cult attracts some of those who are emotionally and psychologically ill, including a good proportion of psychopaths and sociopaths. Should we be surprised at this? Of course not. But we should recognise the deepest forms of such illness are not confined to those categorised (often with no clear foundation) in the diagnostic manuals of psychiatrists.







The Dance

Dancing snoopy

Don’t drink the Waters of Lethe. Then you can remember the Dance and …

Dive below the surface. No more is the Floyd, a river of green, unseen as it slides beneath the trees.

Go with the laughing flow. It’s endless summer and the Salmon of Wisdom is not swimming upstream today.

Take in the synchronicity moment. Did you see the butterfly’s hurricane-shredded wings drift into your hair as you kiss?

Tune into balance. 90.1 MHz on the medium wave-band: Icarus trips the light fantastic, not too close to the sun above nor the sea below.

Feel the beat. The feet of dharma bums tap out the rhythm.

Be spontaneous. When they dream of foxtrots and bunny hops, sometimes let sleeping dogs speak the truth.

Stay light on your toes. Gravity is for the deluded, who fall away from transcendance, too heavy to be lifted by the crane who takes nine hopping-and-skipping steps ere she leaps for joy into the air and flies.

Engage. May I have the pleasure of this next dance?

We – the Dervishes Naked & Amazed – could jive-whirl the double-helix.

We – the nine ladies dancing and the ten lords a-leaping – could spiral round Yggdrasill, entwining its many world branches.

We – the Green Man and the May Queen – could dance carols round the May pole. The verses spin up and snake along our spines, which each become an Axis Mundi for the ever-turning universe.

The God-Fakers


“Kill the unbelievers”, “death to the apostate”, “slay the blasphemer” …

Such ringing phrases are evidence of a faked belief in ‘God’ – or ‘Allah’, or whatever other name is conferred on ‘him’.

Because there are only two possibilities here for believers: either God has given us free will or he hasn’t.

If God has given us free will, then killing someone for using that divine gift is bizarre … like cutting down an apple tree to punish it for producing apples.

Or if God has not given us free will – if we are all just following pre-destined paths decreed by God – then it’s equally bizarre to kill someone for doing something they were designed and intended to do … and in fact had no choice but to do.


A hundred sextillion stars … and veils on a single speck of dust

Veiled woman Galaxies







A Somalian woman was recently shot dead by an ‘Islamic’ extremist for refusing to wear a veil.

Allah created the universe we are told, a universe that is unimaginably large, a universe that contains more stars than there are grains of sand on every beach on planet Earth.

And most of these stars have orbiting planets, which means there are untold trillions of planets hosting life, which means there are – at the very least – untold millions of planets hosting sentient (self-aware) life.

Yet on our tiny speck of whirling dust, orbiting an obscure star in a remote corner of the vastness, we are supposed to believe that Allah is so disturbed and angry about this most trivial of doings – a woman not wearing a veil in public – that he sanctions death for the ‘offender’. (more…)

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