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Emotional & Psychological Illness

Mental Illness

For the moment let’s forget those who are clinically-defined as depressed, or suffer from frequent panic or anxiety attacks, or have hallucinations. Let’s talk instead about the people – predominantly men, sad to say – who are emotionally and psychologically ill in a very different and perhaps even more severe way.

These are the folk who’ve come to believe that committing murder is doing ‘God’s work’, who’ve gone way beyond being merely emotionally ill, to instead become emotionally dead … dead enough to put someone in a cage and then burn them alive.

I’m talking, of course, about the supporters, members and fellow-travellers of the death-cult known as ‘Islamic State’, who evidently believe that the purpose of living is to kill as many people as possible and to enslave and/or rape the rest, children included. And I’m talking about the emotional and psychological illness that leads such people to believe that, in return for committing or supporting such heinous crimes, ‘God’ will be bestow eternal blessings upon them in Paradise.

It’s no accident that such men come from a patriarchal, even misogynist culture which marginalises and oppresses women … because by such oppression it destroys the socialising and emotionally educative effects that women otherwise tend to have on men and thereby sows the seeds of its own severe psychological and emotional illness.

Life thus becomes an abstraction for such men and they drift into a world of delusions and emotional sickness, separated from many normal human feelings … just as they segregate women, whom they see largely as abstracted objects, mere possessions. They come to believe in the abstract teachings of other psychologically and emotionally ill men who tell them that an abstract ‘God’ offers an abstract Paradise, separated away from this world, as reward for denying all feelings of empathy with other human beings.

And of course, in common with many forms of emotional and psychological illness, their sense of logic and reason shrinks away. So they ignore all the deep contradictions inherent in their delusional and irrational beliefs. For example, Allah, despite being supposedly all-powerful, still evidently needs them, feeble humans, to kill on his behalf. And Allah, despite again being supposedly all-powerful (and all-knowing), still evidently decided in the first place to create the non-Muslims – and the ‘heretical’ Muslims – that he now apparently relies on Islamic State members to kill.

Yet more. Despite Allah supposedly being all-knowing, such men are not content to let judgement take place in the hereafter as to what is (or is not) ‘blasphemy’ or ‘heresy’, but instead prefer to take judgment into their own hands through kangaroo courts and swift sentences of death.

A death cult attracts some of those who are emotionally and psychologically ill, including a good proportion of psychopaths and sociopaths. Should we be surprised at this? Of course not. But we should recognise the deepest forms of such illness are not confined to those categorised (often with no clear foundation) in the diagnostic manuals of psychiatrists.







Pakistan – a failing state

Pakistant Flag

My opinion, bluntly expressed: if the people of Pakistan do not soon face down and utterly reject the Islamists in their midst, then Pakistan will likely cease to exist as a viable, recognisable nation … collapsing into chaos and Islamo-fascism, a place of darkness, oppression and fear.

What is an Islamist? The answer is simple: anyone who seeks, through the use or endorsement of violence and intimidation, to end all individual freedoms by imposing on everyone else their own particular version of Islam … in total replacement of not only all other varieties of Islam, but also all aspects of secular society. In other words, an Islamist is a variety of fascist.

In an Islamist’s world-view, all other varieties of Islamic practice and belief – Sufism for example – are to be swept away and their adherents branded as ‘heretics’ who can be murdered with impunity. In an Islamist world-view, all secular law is to be swept away and replaced by an extremist interpretation of Sharia law and the like. And in an Islamist world-view all democracy is to be swept away as ‘un-Islamic’ and effectively replaced by decrees from unelected clerics.

Thus the playing of chess may be banned. Music and dancing may be forbidden. Listening to the radio or watching TV may be banished. Access to the internet may be denied and all video games banned. Beards for men may become mandatory (of a prescribed length no less), playing cricket may be banned, as may watching football.

How so? Because all of these things (and many more) have already variously happened in areas where Islamists hold sway.

There is in truth no end to the mad list of activities that may become forbidden – no end to the list of prescribed behaviours that may become enforced – once a society lets hold sway extremist and peculiar interpretations of what is and is not ‘Islamic’ … and allows Islamism to sweep all else away.

And with this sweeping away, all the pillars of freedom and democracy disappear: a free press and independent media, law-making bodies that are democratically accountable, an independent judiciary, freedom of speech and expression. In their stead come gangs of Islamist, gun-toting men, roaming the streets, drunk on the power they wield, each striving to prove through fanatical behaviour that they are more ‘pure’ and Islamist than the rest.

And in an Islamist world-view, in this 21st century, the rights of half the population, the female half, are to be swept away and replaced by extremist interpretations of attitudes rooted in the medieval era of history … interpretations that amount to little more than slavery enforced through violence.

In Pakistan today, the mere accusation of ‘blasphemy’ is often enough to cause the murder of the accused individual. Many varieties of shrine and religious house – Sufi, Hindu, Christian and more – have been attacked and their worshippers killed. And recently, 132 school-children were deliberately murdered because they had parents in the military who may have fought against Islamists. Indeed, over the last eight years nearly 24,000 civilians and security personnel have been killed in Pakistan by terrorists.

Yet despite all this, or perhaps even because of all this, some ‘religious clerics’ in Pakistan can call – with apparent impunity from any laws against the incitement of violence and terrorism – for the remaining staff of Charlie Hebdo (Paris) to be hanged.

I think that time grows short for the people and politicians of Pakistan. The choice is clear: stand together against the gun-men, zealots and extremists, stand up and be counted for freedom, tolerance (live and let live), plurality and human dignity … or else be plunged into a fascist nightmare.

Sitting on the sidelines won’t cut it. The silent Muslim majority in Pakistan must find its voice.

The God-Fakers


“Kill the unbelievers”, “death to the apostate”, “slay the blasphemer” …

Such ringing phrases are evidence of a faked belief in ‘God’ – or ‘Allah’, or whatever other name is conferred on ‘him’.

Because there are only two possibilities here for believers: either God has given us free will or he hasn’t.

If God has given us free will, then killing someone for using that divine gift is bizarre … like cutting down an apple tree to punish it for producing apples.

Or if God has not given us free will – if we are all just following pre-destined paths decreed by God – then it’s equally bizarre to kill someone for doing something they were designed and intended to do … and in fact had no choice but to do.



God is too big too fit into one religion

Global mega-religions, hard-selling the highest power to open-mouthed consumers. Massive Suns of God, pulling in by gravitation the lost sheep (or trapping at birth the never-lost), herding them together through wolves in shepherd’s clothing, crooks beckoning. Sinner-gogs and magogs flocking in fear of divine punishment.

Safety in numbers (the Trinity, the One God, his Tetragrammaton four-letter name). Baby lambs bleating in orchestrated chorus, jew-venile and gentile sounds of paranoia, desperate for daddy, our Father, to tell them who’s been naughty, who is family, who is not, who is saved and who will rot.

Mosque-itos, male parasites avid for victims, borne from the swamps of ignorance, superstition and misogyny, infecting with the fear of jihad, bloodily dispatching unbelievers to meet their Mecca.

Sugar-coated tablets of stone, to help swallow camels yet strain at gnats. Honey-coated words disguising games of earthly power. Mouthing god’s love, yet feeding children horror stories to keep in thrall: paradise for followers, hell-fire for the rest. Holy fear, holy war and wholly in our power.

Say mass. Mass services, mass-scale – an adolescent balance of cruelty, presuming to weigh all souls by some man’s cross-eyed blindness. Monotheistic, monolithic, no one comes to God except by Jesus. No God but our god and our man is his prophet.

Papal edicts, shariah law, General Jehovah’s Ten Commands – the Jesus Army wheels about, his warrior monks’ crusade towards the End Times, when Eve-il will be chained to the kitchen sink for a thousand years and the Church Militant rules OK.

Armageddon, armour chain-mail, no God but a male God and Mohammed is his prophet, straining the blood of infidels through pure Muslim cloth. Arm-a-geddon tired of religious zealots: fearful little boys in men’s big bodies, desperate to crush the last living creature at the battle of the Allah-mo.

Freedom-hating, little souls, frozen in a long queue of witch-burners; faces and buttocks clenched tight, grasping for control under some man’s delusion of God’s grandeur. Mafia foot-soldiers in the Capo di tutti capi’s cosmic protection racket.

Noisy mad-men, deaf to the song of spirit. Clamouring children, frightened of growing up and into the Gods and Goddesses they must one day each become. Running from responsibility, dousing their inner spark of divinity whilst rushing outside to build God’s bonfire. The Star of David’s scorching rays burns out their eyes, thickening their skin with scar tissue, thickening their heads, searing apart their undivided self, fanning the embers of self-pity: Tammy Wynette singing under the lash of the Bible-belt, the Ayatollah’s A-sharp words whipping followers to a frenzy of fatwah, the Jewish scapegoat’s search for someone else to blame. Not me Guv’! Not me O Lord! Thou will is what the Rabbi tells us.

Truth, love, wisdom and beauty … so far from all this. Just as the massive ticking clock of Judgement Day will never find time to see eternity in a grain of sand.

No matter. Nothing real can be destroyed, nothing unreal exists; therein lies the peace of God-ess.

A hundred sextillion stars … and veils on a single speck of dust

Veiled woman Galaxies







A Somalian woman was recently shot dead by an ‘Islamic’ extremist for refusing to wear a veil.

Allah created the universe we are told, a universe that is unimaginably large, a universe that contains more stars than there are grains of sand on every beach on planet Earth.

And most of these stars have orbiting planets, which means there are untold trillions of planets hosting life, which means there are – at the very least – untold millions of planets hosting sentient (self-aware) life.

Yet on our tiny speck of whirling dust, orbiting an obscure star in a remote corner of the vastness, we are supposed to believe that Allah is so disturbed and angry about this most trivial of doings – a woman not wearing a veil in public – that he sanctions death for the ‘offender’. (more…)

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