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Bio: Hello, All of the blog-posts in Spiral Scribbles are written by the same author and range over a variety of (sometimes intertwined) subjects, including: * The Encyclopaedia Avalonia * Current affairs and politics * Mythology * Spirituality and religion ... and more. Spiral Scribbles will also include tales, mostly non-fictional, drawn from Green Gatherings and other aspects of Avalonian life. I'd be delighted if you chose to leave a comment on one or more of my blog-posts. Or else you could send me an email@ r_oldie01@btinternet.com http://www.spiral-scribbles.net

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  1. Perse said:

    In your menu you have a tab for “Science/Spirituality.” How these are in any way connected escapes me. Science has nothing to do with spirituality; it’s defined by ideas that have to be tested and retested and retested again and experimented with even after they’re proven. Spirituality deals mostly with a person’s internal self, which is not influenced by the scientific ongoings within the person’s body. Can you please clarify this for me?


    • The content thus far of my posts (under the menu heading that you mention) is itself the start of an attempt to show the potential connection between science and spirituality.

      The fact that many, like yourself, believe there to be no connection is in my view a perception that needs to be challenged.

      Have you read, for example, The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra? http://fritjofcapra.net/ There are many parallels between some Buddhist concepts and what quantum physics has discovered.

      And is not psychology a science? And does it not, in part at least, concern itself with the inner self?

      I would say that spirituality concerns everything and is not limited just to what you call “a person’s internal self”.

      I would also say that spiritual ideas, like scientific ideas, should be “tested and retested and retested again and experimented with” … in contrast to the fixed dogmas of most organised, mass-scale religions, whose teachings are mostly rather childish and silly.

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      • Perse said:

        Psychology is indeed a science. I agree with you that it’s the science of the mind, but I think it’s more the scientific causes behind the workings of the mind, not, say, mindset.

        Spirituality is how a person’s internal self influences their perception of the external world. Science is how the external world and scientific ongoings within a person’s body work.

        I may be a little biased in this area, as I am studying to be an astrophysicist. One of my goals on the side is to explain the workings of the human mind based on science alone and not spirituality. My scientific hypothesis, based on the idea that spirituality is one field of study and science is another, is that a person’s mindset and perception of scientific ongoings is not a field that can stand alone; that spirituality cannot exist at all within the realm of science. It is instead explained by psychology, a scientific approach to the mind activity that spirituality attempts but fails to explain.


      • You’ve said: “Spirituality is how a person’s internal self influences their perception of the external world.”

        But it goes beyond mere perception: the observer (and the act of observation) influences the observed. For example, for us to “see” an electron, a photon must first interact with it, and this interaction will change the path of that electron.

        Science has only fairly recently ‘discovered’ this, but it’s long been a core principle of ‘mystic’ spirituality.

        Thus ‘reality’ is not simply some fixed, external thing, separate from the ‘observer’. Instead we create reality, it’s just that opinions will vary as to what degree.


  2. Perse said:

    Hmmm…I don’t know.


  3. Julie said:

    Any updates on this dialogue? Its interesting.


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