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A New Vision for Mental Health

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I want to help promote a new website, whose promotional flyer says:

Be part of the solution …

Have you ever wondered what mental healthcare would look like if, knowing what we know today, it could be redesigned from scratch?

A New Vision for Mental Health is an innovative website that seeks to answer this question by taking a critical, informed and constructive look at the current mental health system.

It explores ideas, insights and suggestions – from a wide range of individuals and organisations – that might, in time, lay the foundations for a new and quite different approach to mental healthcare.

As well as exploring new ideas and approaches, A New Vision for Mental Health will create opportunities for service users, mental health professionals, trainees and students to engage actively in discussions, debates and events. And, over time, it is hoped that these contributions will comprise a growing resource bank, an expanding knowledge base, and a coherent framework for mental healthcare.

Just some of the subjects covered in A New Vision for Mental Health:

  • 20 myths about counselling and psychotherapy
  • Psychiatry beyond the current paradigm
  • Urban design and its effect on mental health
  • Celebrating neurodiversity
  • “Mad Studies”
  • The drugs don’t work!
  • The emotional heart of service provision.

To find out more – and to get involved – please visit www.newvisionformentalhealth.com. Access is completely free and open to everyone.”

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