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Killing Time


Each life,
a lightning flash.

Yet some men
want only to kill and kill again …
as if this brief moment in time is too long,
as if the purpose of living is to take life away.

Blinded by the sudden light, swallowing camels in a desert of mirage,
they make their own short lives both cruel and ridiculous.
For stupidity is a dead-end maze. It does not lead to paradise.
And brutality is a circular track. It does not lead to serenity.
Slugs and thugs are not angels of infinity.

One day, lifetimes later,
as their death storm rages and circles on,
a lightning bolt will hit between their eyes.
The heat will melt their frozen hearts
and they will cry a river of sorrow,
the currents sweeping them on …

Beyond all ‘words of god’,
beyond all prophets and priests,
beyond all religion,
beyond all killing time.

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